Programme des danses de l'année 2018 - 2019

Danses du niveau 1

Danse Chorégraphe Musique Artiste pdf vidéo
Arizona Freeze n-def Achy Breaky Heart The Linebackers 171 vidéo
Carolina n-def Head Carolina Tails California Joe Dee Messina 171 vidéo
Lindy Shuffle Jane Smee I need more of you Bellamy Brothers 171 vidéo
Cowboy Boogie Kelly Burkhardt Summer Night lovin'  you Brady Seals 171 vidéo
You are the one Marie Soerensen You are the one Carlene Carter 171 vidéo
Broken Heart Leo Boomen My next broken heart Brooks & Dunn 171 video
Cowboy Charleston J.Hall & T.Miller Wear My Ring Around Your Neck Ricky van Shelton 171 video
Cotton Eyed Joe n.d Cotton Eyed Joe Rednex 171  
Rocket to the sun Maddison Glover What you've done to me Samantha Jade 171 video
Hooked on Country Doug Miranda Just Hooked on Country Atlanta Pop Orchestra 171 video
Toe Heel Cha Cha Cha David Linger Cripple Creek Jim Rast & The Malones 171 vidéo
I got a Woman Michael Desire NIeto I got a Woman  Rudedog 171 video
Over the Moon S & C Rutter Runarounde Sue The Overtones 171 video
Camps One Chatti the Valley (Esp) Thanks God for the Radio Alan Jackson 171  
Come to dance Severine Fillion Carry me back to Virginia Old Crow Medicine show 171 vidéo
Rock Yourself Amandine Marchand How Long  Eagles 171 video
Stealing the best Rosie Multari Dance above the rainbow Ronan Hardiman 171 vidéo
Little Wagon Wheel Gaye Teather Wagon Wheel  Nathan Carter 171 vidéo
Western Barn Dance Dick Matteis & Geneva Owsley Whose bed have your boots been under Shania Twain 171 vidéo
Hippie Guylaine Bourdages Old Hippie Bellamy Brothers 171 video
Lonely Drum Darren Mitchell Lonely Drum Aaron Goodvin 171 vidéo
Country 2 step Masters in line I Just Want My Baby Back Jerry Kilgore 171 vidéo
Easy Come Easy Go Debbie Moore O'Hara Any Man of Mine Shania Twain 171  
Mini Flute Marie Soerensen Flute  Barecode Brothers 171 vidéo
Irish Stew Lois Lightfoot Irish Stew Shamrock 171 vidéo
Indian Sound Marcus Zeckert Indian Song Two in One 171 vidéo
Ghost Train Kathy Hunyadi Baby likes to rock it The Tractors 171  


Danses du niveau 2

Danse Chorégraphe Musique Artiste pdf vidéo
Wiskey bridges Maddison Glover Wiskey under the bridge Brooks & Dun 171 video
Cabo san Lucas Rep Ghazali Cabo San Lucas Toby Keith 171 video
Mountains to the sea Maggie Gallagher Mountains to the sea Mary Black 171 video
Down on your uppers Gary O'Reilly Down on your uppers Derek Ryan 171 video
Champagne Promise Tina Argyle Champagne promise David Nail 171 vidéo
Tennessee Waltz Surprise Andy Chumbley Tennessee Waltz Ireen Sheer 171 video
Blueberry Chill Gaye Teather Blueberry Hill Mike Kelly 171 video
Drinking problem Darren Bailey Dinking problem Midland 171 video
The Bomp Kim Ray Who put the Bomp The Overtones 171 video
Hold the line Arnaud Marraffa Hold the Line Stuart Moyles 171 video
Closer Mary Kelly Closer Susan Ashton 171 vidéo
Desirable Chrystel Durand Everybody Chris Janson 171 vidéo
Lover please come back Bobby Houle Lover please come back Billy Swan 171 video
Soldier Stéphane Cormier Soldier High Valley 171 vidéo
Coffee Days & Whiskey nigths Yvonne Verhagen Coffee Days & Whiskey Nights Robynn SHAYNE 171 vidéo
Bossa Nova Phil Dennington Blame it on the Bossa Nova Jane McDonald 171 vidéo
Codigo Pat Stott Codogo Georges Strait 171 vidéo
Ghost Train Kathy Hunyadi Baby likes to rock it The Tractors 171  


Danse du niveau 3

Danse Chorégraphe Musique Artiste pdf vidéo
The Outback Gordon Elliot

I'm member of the Outback club

Lee Kernaghan 171 video
Angelina Tina Argyle Angelina Dean Brody 171 video
We only live once Robbie McGowan Hickie We only live once  Shannon Noll 171 vidéo
Day of the Dead Dan Albro Day of the Dead Wade Bowen 171 vidéo
Dixie Girl Severine Fillion Dixie Girl Johnathan East 171 video
Me & Johnny Cash Barri Amato Me & Johnny Cash Rainey Qualley 171 video
Danza Loca Hyunji Chung & Wil Bos Danza Loca Free Deejays 171 video
All God's Children Yvonne Anderson Travelling Shoes Robert Mizzell 171 vidéo
Big City Summertime Darren Bailey Summertime Big City Brian Wright 171 video
The Trail Judy McDonald Trail of tears Billy Ray Cyrus 171  
Hit the Diff Guylaine Bourdages Hit the Diff Richie Remo 171 video
The Flute Maggie Gallagher The Flute  Barecode Brothers 171 video
Dancing in the moonlight Marie Soerensen Dancing in the moonlight Derek Ryan 171 vidéo
Roots Tina Argyle Roots Zac Brown Band 171 vidéo
Strong Bounds S.Fillion & B.Moggia Long Goodbye Dwight Yoakam 171 video
Burning love Christian Sildatke Burning love Wynonna 171 video
Seven Stefano Civa Seven drunken nights Mike Denver 171 vidéo
Overrated A.Biggs - P.Metelnick Overrated Tim McGraw 171 vidéo
Twist & Turns Maddison Glover Tomorrow Never Comes Zac Brown Band 171 vidéo
Girl Crush A.Johnstone & R.McEnaney Girl Crush Little Big Town 171 vidéo
Driven Rob Fowler Drive Casey James 171 vidéo
Deck 51 Ed.Lawton - M.White Flowers on the wall Eric Heatherley 171 video


Rédigé par Happy Boots 22 Lannion