Niveau 1

Danse Choregraphe Musique Artiste fiche video
Bill Basic Bill Ray Is Anybody Goin' To San Anton Charley Pride 171 vidéo
Arizona Freeze n-def Achy Breaky Heart The Linebackers 171 vidéo
Carolina n-def Head Carolina Tails California Joe Dee Messina 171 video
AB Whirl Val Meyers If it don't come easy Tanya Tucker 171 video
Little Waggon Wheel Gaye Teather Waggon Wheel Nathan Carter 171 video
The wanderer (contra) June Wilson The Wanderer Eddie Rabbitt    
Country Bump Darren Bailey Country music made me do it Carlton Anderson 171 video
Cowboy Madison David Linger Last Night Madison Cowboy & DJ Robbie 171 vidéo
Cowboy Boogie Kelly Burkhart Man! I Feel Like A Woman! Shania Twain 171 vidéo
Ten Guitars  Martine Canonne Ten Guitars Michael English 171 vidéo
Mississippi Volcano Kids Hippie from Mississippi Cartoons 171 vidéo
Coffee days & whisky nights Yvonne Verhagen Coffee days & whisky nights Robynn SHAYNE 171 video


Niveau 2

Danse Choregraphe Musique Artiste fiche video
Closer Mary Kelly Closer Susan Ashton 171 vidéo
Boot scootin' boogie Bill Bader Boot Scootin' boogie Brooks and Dunn 171 vidéo
A Devil in disguise P.Stott & A.Birchall Devil in Disguise Elvis Presley / Trisha Yearwood 171 vidéo
Jerusalema EZ (32 temps) Colin Ghys & Alison Jonhston Jerusalema Master KG & Nomcebo Zikode 171 vidéo

Hello Heart
"en ligne"

Josephe Smith Hello heart Georges Jones 171 video
Clear Isabel Flo Moresteps Clear Isabel Aaron Watson 171 video
Joana Xose Massotti Come Early Morning Don Williams 171 video
R Tell the World Robbie McGowan Hickie Tell the World Eric Hutchinson 171 video
Temple Bar Arnaud Marrafra Temple Bar  Nathan Carter 171 video
Getting Good S.Fillion & C.Durand Getting Good Lauren Alaina 171 video
Bonaparte's retreat Maddison Glover Bonaparte's retreat Glen Campbell 171 vidéo
Thanks a lot Georges Fournier Thanks a lot Robert Mizzell 171 vidéo
Easy Twist Severine Fillion Anyone can play Glen Campbell 171 vidéo
 Champagne Promise Tina Argyle Champagne promise David Nail 171 vidéo
Jambalaya M.Chandonnet - M.Archa Jambalaya E.Raven & J. El Sonnier 171 video
 Wiskey bridges Maddison Glover Wiskey under the bridge Brooks & Dun 171 video
Ten Guitars  Martine Canonne Ten Guitars Michael English 171 vidéo
Rock Yourself Amandine How Long The Eagles 171 video
West Country Waltz Dan Albro West Texas Waltz Jony Harms 171 video
Getting Good S.Fillion & C.Durand Getting Good Lauren Alaina 171 video
I got a woman M.D. Nieto I got a woman  Rudedog 171 vidéo
Blanket on the ground Dorte Carlsen Blanket on the ground Billie Jo Spears 171 vidéo
Codigo Pat Stott Codigo Georges Strait 171 vidéo
Train Swing Niels Poulsen Lover please Billy Swan 171 vidéo
Lonely Drum Darren Mitchell Lonely Drum Aaron Goodvin 171 video
God Blessed Texas Shirley K. Batson God Blessed Texas Little Texas 171 video
Fais Dodo Michele Chandonnet Fais Dodo Charlie Daniel's band 171 video
Irish Stew Lois Lightfoot Irish Stew Shamrock 171 vidéo
Here comes my Baby Amandine Marchand Here Comes my Baby The Mavericks 171 video
Hippie Guylaine Bourdages Old Hippie Bellamy Brothers 171 vidéo
Corn Rob Fowler Corn Blake Shelton 171 vidéo

Niveau 3

Danse Choregraphe Musique Artiste fiche video
I run to you Rachael McEananey I run to You Lady Antebellum 171 video
The Newfie's Stomp Mike Hitchen Doin' the newfie stomp Derek Pilgrim 171 vidéo
The bank of the roses Tina Argyle Bank of the Roses Nathan Carter 171 video
Dig your Heels Maddison Glover Here's To You And I The Mc Clymonts 171 vidéo
Young Again Heather Barton Young Again Morgan Evans 171 video
Galway girl Chris Hogdson 
"Galway girl"   Sharon Shannon 171 video
Celtic Kittens Maggie Gallagher Celtic Kittens Ronan Hardiman 171 video
The Gambler Guy Dubé The Gambler Robert Wilsdom 171 video
 Bring Down the House Stephane Cormier Bring down the house Dean Brody 171 video
Day of the Dead Dan Albro Day of the Dead Wade Bowen 171 vidéo
Twist & Turns Maddison Glover Tomorrow Never Comes Zac Brown Band 171 vidéo
My New Life John Offermans High Class Lady The Lennerockers 171 video
 R Modern Romance Kate Sala (UK) Something to die for Fiona Culley 171 video
Footloose Rob Fowler Footloose Blake Shelton 171 video
Oh Me Oh My Oh Rob Fowler Oh me Oh my Oh Derek Ryan 171 video
Friday at the dance Rob Fowler Friday at the dance Mickael Englisk 171 vidéo
I hope you are happy Guylaine Bourdages & Dan Albro I hope you are happy Carly Pearce & Lee Brice 171



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