Programme de danse 2007-2008

Programme des cours (nouveautés et révisions)
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Débutant (1ère année)
Danse Chorégraphe Musique Artiste
Claire's dance  Dianne Evans  Who's beds have your boots been under Shania Twain 
Coastin'   Lord of the dance Ronan Hardiman
Cotton Eyed Joe   X Cotton eyed Joe   Rednex
Country Walkin' Teree DeFarro Old pop in an oak Rednex
 Cowboy Charleston Jeanette Hall & Tonya Miller Wear my ring around your neck  Ricky Van Shelton 
 Cucaracha  Hank & Mary Dahl All you ever do is bring me down The Mavericks 
Easy come Easy Go Debby Moore Any way the wind blow Brother Phelps
El paso (couple)  X Un momento Alla  Rick Trevino 
 Free 'n easy Malcom & Viv Owen Sur la route de Memphis Eddy Mitchel
Grundy gallop  Jenny Rockett Sold  John Mickael Montgomery 
Hot Tamales (32)  Vickie Vance Johnson   Hey Ovellina  BR5-49
Honky tonk Cara Reeves  Honky tonkin' lifestyle   BR5-49
 Hooked on country  X  Hooked on country Atlanta Pop Orchestra 
Katie's charleston David Linger   Katie Grant
La Chapelloise X I tell me ma Shamrock
Lindy shuffle  Jane Smee Wink   Neil Mc Coy
Make it up Maggie Gallagher I wanna die
 Miranda Lambert
Making tracks   Country Roads Hermes House Band
One O One  Peter Metelnick  That's what I get  BR5-49 
 Patty Cake Polka  Dick & Geneva Mateis Golden slippers Gabe Chen 
Simply Mambo Val Mayers & Deana Randle Tequila The Champs
Skatter Shuffle   Big Blue Note  Toby Keith
Stroll Along chacha  John & Janette Sandham   I just want to dance with you George Straits 
Texas Valse   Jim Ferrazzano   Waltz across texas   
The wanderer  June Wilson The wanderer  Eddy Rabbit 
Tush Push   5,6,7,8  

(2ème  année)

Danse Chorégraphe Musique Artiste
 Aspire Bracken & Linda Ellis  Born to be alive  Patrick Hernandez
 Bomshel stomp Jamie Marshall & Karen Hedges   Bomshel stomp Bomshel
 Celtic connection  Hellen O'Malley, Liz Clarke, Maggie Gallagher, Peter Metelnick Rock on    Appalaches
Coastin'  Ray & Tina Yeoman  The lord of the dance Ronan Hardiman 
Dancin' Violins Maggie Gallagher Duelling Violins Ronan Hardiman
Fais dodo   Michel Chaudonnet Fais dodo  Charlie Daniels Band
    Irish stew Lois Lightfoot Irish stew Shamrock 
 It's a country thing Tim Hand I'm from the country Tracy Bird
Jailhouse Creole Double trouble Jailhouse rock / King Creole Billy Swan
Jambalaya Ian St Leon (?) Jambalaya  Charlie Daniels Band
Leaving of Liverpool  Maggie Gallagher The leaving of Liverpool  Shamrock
Makin' tracks Jo Thompson Country Roads Hermes house Band
My Greek Maria Rask My number 1 Elena Paparizou
Picnic polka David Paden I wanna be a cowboy sweetheart  LeAnn Rimes
 Rock around the clock  X  Rock aroud the clock  Bill Haley
The trail Judy Mc Donald Trail of tears Billy Ray Cirus
Stage avec Marie-Hélène Moreau 

 Make it up Maggie Gallagher  I wanna die  Miranda Lambert
 Aspire  Bracken & Linda Ellis  Born to be alive  Patrick Hernandez
 Skatter shuffle    Big Blue note  Toby Keith