Programme des danses 2022 - 2023

Niveau 1

Danse Choregraphe Musique Artiste fiche video
Bill Basic Bill Ray Is Anybody Goin' To San Anton Charley Pride 171 vidéo
Arizona Freeze n-def Achy Breaky Heart The Linebackers 171 vidéo
Carolina n-def

Let your love flow

Head Carolina Tails California

Bellamy Brothers

Joe Dee Messina

171 video
Lindi Shuffle Jane Smee

I need more of you

My kind of Music

Bellamy Brothers

Ray Scott

Cowboy Boogie Kelly Burkhart Man! I Feel Like A Woman! Shania Twain 171 vidéo
Over the Moon S & C. Rutter Runaround Sue The Overtones 171 vidéo
Ten Guitars  Martine Canonne Ten Guitars Michael English 171 vidéo
Hooked on Country Doug Miranda Hooked on Country Tennessee Country Orchestra 171 vidéo
Cowboy Charleston J.Hall - T.Miller

Cowboy coffee

+ beaucoup d'autres

Joni Harms 171 vidéo
Country as can be Susan Wilson Country as a boy cab be Brady Seals 171 vidéo
My Everything Dee Musk Center of my World Chris Young 171 video
The Lemon Tree Kim Ray Lemon Tree Fool's Garden 171 vidéo
Walk of Life Rachael McEnaney Walk of Life

Dire Straits

Shooter Jennnings

171 vidéo
Stealing the best Rosi Multari Dance above the rainbow Ronan Hardiman 171 video
Little Wagon Wheel Gaye Teather Wagon Wheel  Nathan Carter 171 vidéo
Rock Yourself Amandine Marchand How Long The Eagles 171 video
Hello Heart (ligne) Josephe Smith Hello Heart George Jones 171 video
The Morning After Maggie Gallagher The morning after Nathan Carter 171 video
Ghost Train Kathy Hunyadi

White Lightening

Zorba's dance (radio edit)

George Jones


171 video
Country Bump Darren Bailey Country music made me do it Carlton Anderson 171 video
No Truck Song  Stephane Cormier No truck song Tim Hicks 171 video
Shakin Mix Yvonne Van Baalen Hitmix Shakin' Stevens 171 video
 I got a woman M.D. Nieto I got a woman  Rudedog 171 vidéo
Desirable Chrystel Durand Everybody Chris Janson 171 vidéo
Coffee Days & Whiskey nigths Yvonne Verhagen Coffee Days & Whiskey Nights Robynn SHAYNE 171 vidéo
Irish Stew Lois Lighfoot Irish Stew Shamrock 171 video
Oh Suzanna deb - contra Guylaine Bourdages Oh Suzanna Yambo 171 video
Ah si Rita Masur Levantado los manos El Symbolo 171 video
Pick a Bale inc Pick a bale of cotton John Littleton 171 video

Niveau 2

Danse Choregraphe Musique Artiste fiche video
Love Ain't Darren Bailey Love ain't Ely Young Band 171 vidéo
Good Lord G.Bourdages - S.Cormier Good Lord Salebarbes 171 vidéo
Dwight's above & beyond The Highlander Above and Beyond Dwight Yoakam 171 vidéo
I told You Marianne Langagne I told you so Keith Urban 171 vidéo
Adios Cowboy Tina Argile Adios Cowboy Midland 171 video
Jailhouse Creole Double Trouble - Canada Jailhouse rock / king creole Billy Swan 171 video
Take me home A.Marraffa & Q.Deshayes Take me home Michael English 171 vidéo
Cotton Picking Morning Steve Mason Cotton Picking Time Blake Shelton 171 video
The Captain Joshua Talbot Wellerman Sea Shanty 171 video
Amazing Grace Rachael McEananey Amazing Grace The Maveick choir 171 video
All shook up Naomy Fleetwood-P. All shook up Billy Joel 171 video
Askin' Questions Lamy Bass Askin' Questions Brady Seals 171 video
Island in the stream Karen Jones Islands in the stream Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton 171 video

Niveau 3

Danse Choregraphe Musique Artiste fiche video
The South M.C. Gil The southern side of Heaven Buddy Jewel 171 video
Eyes on you D.Trepat /JM.Belloque V. / S.Hotland  Eyes on you Trent Tomlinson 171 video
Summer Fly Geoffrey Rothwell Summer Fly Hayley Westenra 171 video
Knock Off G.Bourdages / C.Durand / J.Lepine / N.Poulsen / S.Cormier / N.Lachance Knock off Jess Moskaluke 171



Wintergreen M.Gallagher Wintergreen The East Pointers 171


Deck 51 Ed Lawton & M.White Flowers on the  wall Eric Heatherly 171

video Ploubezre

Honky Tonk Time Machine Dan Albro Honky tonk time machine George Strait 171 video
Thelma & Louise David Linger Thelma & Louise Anna Bergendahl 171 video
Here We Go Maggie Gallagher - Gary OREilly Here I Go  Wildflowers 171 video
Wave on wave Alan Birchall Wave on wave Pat Green 171 video
Second hand Heart Maggie Gallagher Second Hand Heart Ben Haenow 171 video
Honky Tonk Way Mark Paulino & Landon Purvis  I see Country Ian Munsick 171 video
Dig your Heels Maddison Glover Here's To You And I The Mc Clymonts 171 video
Train Wreck Niels Poulsen Can't let go Jill King 171 video
ELT Danny Leclerc Every Little Things Carlène Carter 171 video


Danse niv. 1 Choregraphe année ref.   Danse niv. 1 Choregraphe année ref.
Coffee days & whisky nights Yvonne Verhagen 2021-2022   Boot scootin' Booggie Bill Bader 2021-2022 niv.2
 Rock Yourself Amandine 2021-2022   Getting Good S.Fillion / C/Durand 2021-2022 niv.2
One last shot Stephane Cormier 2021-2022   Chicca Boom Boom Vickie Morris video
Danse niv. 2 Choregraphe année ref.   Danse niv. 2 Choregraphe année ref.
Codigo Pat Stott 2021-2022 niv.2   Lonely Drum Darren Mitchell 2021-2022 niv.2
Live Laugh Love Rob Fowler 2021-2022 niv.2   Coastin R&T Yeoman - P.Dorset 2021-2022 niv.2
Corn Rob Fowler 2021-2022 niv.2   Lay low Darren Bailey 2021-2022 niv.2
Fulenn David Linger 2021-2022 niv.2   Lord help me Marie Soerensen 2021-2022 niv.2
Champagne promise Tina Argyle 2021-2022 niv.2   Lucky Touch Tina Argyle 2020-2021 niv.3
Patsy Fagan Francien Sittrop 2021-2022 niv.2   Bring on the Good Time M.Gallagher - G.O'Reilly 2016-2017 niv.2
My New Life John Offermans 2021-2022 niv.3   Modern Romance Kate Sala 2021-2022 niv.2
Gone West Gary P'Reilly - Magie Gallagher 2021-2022 niv.3   Tell the World Robbie McGowan Hickie 2021-2022 niv.2
Devil in Disguise P.Stott - A.Birshall 2021-2022 niv.3   Billy Dance (C)    
Danse niv. 3 Choregraphe année ref.   Danse niv. 3 Choregraphe année ref.
Strong Bounds S.Fillion & B.Moggia 2021-2022 niv.3   Galway Girl Chris Hogdson 2021-2022 niv.3
The Bank of the roses Tina Argile 2021-2022 niv.3   I hope you are happy G.Bourdages / D.Albro 2021-2022 niv.3
Day of the Dead Dan Albro 2021-2022 niv.3   Corn don't grow Tina Argyle 2015-2016  niv.3
Chasing down a good time Dan Albro 2017-2018 niv.3   Footloose Rob Fowler 2021-2022 niv.3
All God's Children Yvonne Anderson 2018-2019 niv.3   Texas Time David Linger 2020-2021 niv.3
Splish Splash Jo Thompson     The Bank of the Roses    
Oh me Oh my Oh Rob Fowler     Chasing down a good time    
I run to You       Nothing but You    

Rédigé par Happy Boots 22 Lannion